Agility is one of the most popular dog sports where only voice and body movements of a handler direct a dog through a polygon with obstacles. The result depends on the speed and precision. The bond between a dog and a handler gets strengthened through this sport, they become a well played team and most importantly they have a lot of great time.
Because of its speed, focus and watchful eye Border Collie proved to be the best choice for agility.
We are members of KSK Singidunum (canine sports club) where we train, compete and have fun.


For collecting and directing the sheep there’s no better helper than Border Collie. It's in its blood. Unfortunately, we have no sheep nearby to go herding as much as we would like, but we use every opportunity we can get . Meanwhile, we are continuing with herding everything that gets in our way.


One of the favorite toys of every Border Collie. Dog disk appeared in the 70’s as a sports discipline. It's a great way to wear off your dog's energy and with a little imagination and agile dog you can create choreographies where your BC will show how good acrobat it is.


Another challenge Border Collie successfully master is work by the IPO program. It consists of three parts: obedience, tracking and protection. Along with positive motivation, exercise and proper relationship, Border Collies can handle everything you ask of them.


Border Collies are great workaholics. Beside physical exercises it’s necessary to provide constant mental training. The fact that it learns very quickly and easily masters new demands, motivates owners to constantly teach their dog new tricks to their mutual satisfaction. Border Collie deservedly won the flattering title of the most intelligent dog in the world - it takes less than 5 repetitions to learn new command. This practically means that you can teach it whatever you can think of.

Enjoying life!