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We are a small Border Collie kennel registered under FCI number 5659.
We are located in Zemun, Serbia.
Our primary goal is to grow healthy and high-quality representatives of this breed bearing in mind proper selection, regular health check ups, responsibility and respect of their specific nature. Our wish is to achieve harmony between the exterior and performance, strongly believing that any of this two sides should not be ignored. We strive towards achieving this balance and breeding Border Collies to their full potential, both in dog shows and in work.
Our dogs are our friends, raised and nurtured with lots of love. Their health and life quality are of utmost importance. Therefore, we feel responsible that each puppy from Borderwood gets provided with conditions suitable for prosperious growing up and quality life - because Borderwood is above all home of happy and satisfied dogs and then the kennel.

Sofija and Mladen

Our goal


The health of our dogs always comes first. Parents of the puppies are tested and free of genetically transmitted diseases – HD / ED, OCD, CEA, TNS, CL, eyes – CEA, RD, PRA, Cataracta, PHPV, PPM, PLL, G.


We strive for dogs that are well proportioned, with harmonious lines, elegant in movement. Previous show results indicate that we are on the right track.


Border Collie is known as a versatile working dog that can achieve outstanding results in various dog’s disciplines. Agility, frisbee, IPO, herding, tricks – we practice everything that provide satisfaction and challenge for us and our dogs.

Our dogs


Faithfully Yours at Brainiac Borders


Flower of Old Hill Pascal


Aranel Emerwen of Borderwood


Bite My Dust of Borderwood


Litter D of Borderwood

Coming soon 😉

Blake – Beyond Limits of Borderwood

Mediterranean Dog Challenge 2018 in Thessaloniki – 1st place in agility A0L and on the IDS Thessaloniki 4.6.2018. JCAC, JBOB. Beauty and the Brain!

Mojo – Champion of Montenegro

ADRIATIC CUP 2018 CAC Bar, 4.5.2018. – Exc, CAC, BOB Judge: Dragana Vlahovic Stefanovic CACIB Bar, 5.5.2018. – Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB Judge: Anna Albrigo CACIB Bar, 6.5.2018. – Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG III, Quailified for Crufts 2019 Judge: Vojislav Al Daghistani

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