About breed

„Dog is a man’s best friend“ – and Border Collie certanly proved that fact. For centuries Border Collie worked tirelessly for its man. Unsurpassed in shepherding it was irreplaceable help in collecting livestock by rugged terrain and in all weather conditions. With incredible stamina and full concentracion these dogs can work for hours. They are able to perform complex tasks, simultaneosly maintaining constant communication with the sheep and with the man, who can be hundreds of meters away.

There are two characteristics that make Border Collie probably the best sheepdog ever. First, it has an "eye", ability to hypnotize the sheep, and second, specific body position while herding. BC sneaks toward the sheep with body lowered, instinctively doing what is expected. It is capable of changing direction very fast and control the sheep with great precision.
Although herding was for a long time its primary job, this amazing dog ia able to achieve results in many other different activities, everywhere it can show its extraordinary intelligence, willingness to work and liveliness. Today, its dominance is revealed not only in working with sheep, but in many dog’s sports such as agility, frisbee, flyball , dog dancing...
No matter what BC does, whether it is used for work, dog shows or as an active pet, above all it always remains a man's friend with a huge desire to follow and satisfy.
In the dogs world BC is justifiably in the first place for intelligence. They are fast learners and it is possible to teach them amazing things. Like other dogs, Border Collies requires work, practice and dedication. They are extremely motivated and enjoy learning new tricks. Very conductive, focused on the owner and his slightest movements, BC is often predicting what is expected of it.

It is an active, energetic dog with an exceptional endurance. It does not tolerate boredom and enjoys new challenges. It is necessary to properly train and socialize your dog from the very beginning, but the most important are regular physical and mental stimulations. Border Collie is the happiest when there is a task that needs to be performed. Its desire to please, concentration and dedication with which they approach the job over and over again leave you breathless.
This is not a dog for everyone, but if you are ready and willing to devote enough time and attention it could be a perfect family member.