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E litter

Int.Ch Xandro von den Buschchaoten „Xandro“ x Srb.JCh. Srb.Ch. Mk.Ch Bite My Dust of Borderwood „Lola“

DOB – 15.03.2019.

3 males and 2 females

Presenting E litter

1. Female

Ever After Of Borderwood „ENI“


Ecliptic Emma Of Borderwood „EMA“

3. Female

Ebony Soul Of Borderwood „EBI“

1. Male

Easy Rider Of Borderwood „EMI“

2. Male

Electric Buzz Of Borderwood „EPS“

We take care of our puppies from the moment they are born through their entire life!

Once born, we give our puppies full attention and care. Every day we actively work on the puppies socialization and habituation, i.e. interacting with people and other animals, familiarizing with different sounds, ground types, etc.

They get used to having a collar and being on a leash, staying in a transporter, receiving mandatory hygiene care and performing essential bodily needs. After 2 months of tending to our puppies, the buyer/owner can take over the puppy and continue what we started.

The puppies receive all the necessary documentation (i.e. pedigree/export pedigree, passport, show-working book), chip and medical guarantee. They are medically checked by a licenced veterinarian, vaccinated with all mandatory vaccines, and sanitized of parasites multiple times.

You can contact us at any time if you ever need help or advice throughout the lifetime of the dog.