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About the breed

For centuries Border Collie worked tirelessly for his man. Unsurpassed in shepherding he was irreplaceable help in collecting livestock by rugged terrain and in all weather conditions. He has an “eye”, ability to hypnotize the sheep while he sneaks toward them with his body lowered, and instinctively doing what is expected of him. Today, his dominance is revealed not only in working with sheep, but in many dog sports such as agility, frisbee, flyball …

No matter what he does, whether he is used for work, dog shows or as an active pet in the first place he always remains man’s friend with a huge desire to follow and satisfy.

In the dog world BC is justifiably in the first place for intelligence. He is fast learner, and it is possible to teach him amazing things. Like other dogs, Border Collies requires work, practice, and dedication. They are extremely motivated and enjoy learning new tricks. Very conductive, focused on the owner and his slightest movements, BC often anticipating what is expected of him.

It is an active, energetic dog, exceptional durability. He does not tolerate boredom and enjoys new challenges. It is necessary to properly train and socialize your dog from the start, and the most important are regular physical and mental stimulations. Border Collie is happiest when there is a task that should be performed. His desire to please, concentration and dedication with which they approach the job over and over again leave you breathless.